This app serves as a platform for companies and people who are looking to hire professional drone pilots and for the pilots who are looking to have an online profile showcasing  their credentials, expertise, and skills.

You can see the list of services needed posted by the clients!


How It Works

List of Services Needed

Change X number of mile radius or select their preferred cities to display list of services.
Search a service needed using the search bar by typing keywords like service description, type, etc.

Clients Profile

Clients can view and update their profile information, list their services needed, and manage job applications.
Pilots can see the client profile and browse the services required, apply for a job and pay for an app service fee every time they get hired.

Drone Pilot’s Profile

Drone Pilots can view and update their profile information, add professional intro, services, rates and social page.
Clients can see the Drone Pilot’s profile and browse services offered, view and leave Ratings and Reviews.


Drone Pilots can view/maintain their client appointments or projects.


Clients can send a private message to the hired Drone Pilot.
GPS location of the project can be shared.

Ratings and Reviews

Shows the ratings and reviews of the Drone Pilot pertaining to his/her job performance.
Clients can also rate and write a review of the Drone Pilot.



For non-emergencies and general enquiries, please fill out the form below. We’ll respond as soon as possible.